HistoricallyAfricanAmericanLeisureDestinations[Book: Patsy Mose Fletcher – 2015 – 15x23cm – 196 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “From the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, African Americans in the Washington D.C. area sought leisure destinations where they could relax without the burden of racial oppression. This book reveals the history behind Washington’s forgotten era of African American leisure.” Chapter Points: Foreword (Maurice Jackson); Acknowledgements; Introduction. 1= Pleasure Gardens and Picnic Parks: Eureka Park, Green Willow Park, Madre’s Park, Other Black-Owned Pleasure Gardens 1880–1920, White-Owned Pleasure Gardens and Public Leisure Spaces. 2= Train-Related Resorts and Excursions: Harpers Ferry, Storer College, Island Park Resort and Amusement Park, Other Resorts by Train, Deer Park, Loudoun County – Virginia, Tokes Cottage, Carlin Springs, Samuel Proctor’s. 3= Steamboat-Related Amusement Parks and Excursions: J.W. Patterson, National Steamboat Company, Lewis Jefferson and Notley Hall/Washington Park, J.O. Holmes and the E. Madison Hall, Other Steamer-Oriented Beaches and Resorts, Marshall Hall Redux, Old Point Comfort and Environs. 4= Spiritual and Charitable Recreation Sites: Camp Meeting – The Religious Leisure Activity, Camp Lichtman and Camp Pleasant, National Memorial to the Progress of the Colored Race of America. 5= Twentieth-Century Leisure Spaces: Suburban Gardens, National Capital Country Club, Wilmer’s Park. 6= Beach Communities and Amusement Parks: Western Shore Communities and Parks (Highland Beach, Carr’s and Sparrow’s Beaches, Columbia Beach); Patuxent River Communities and Parks (Eagle Harbor, Cedar Haven, Sea Gull Beach); Potomac River Communities and Parks (Colton Point, Longview Beach, Mill Point Shores); Other Twentieth-Century Waterfront Places of Leisure (Mark-Haven Beach, Holly Knoll, Seafarers Yacht Club – Anacostia River, Chesapeake Heights-on-the-Bay). Credits and Sources; Index; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.