DVD_HersheyParkSweetMemories[DVD: WITF, Inc. – 1997 – 56 mins]. Climb aboard the old electric miniature train. Take a dip in the largest pool in Pennsylvania. Then dance the night away at the Starlight Ballroom. Here’s your ticket to the memories and magic of Hersheypark, a small picnic grove that grew into a world-famous attraction in the shadow of Milton Hershey’s chocolate factory. Hersheypark Sweet Memories is a vintage tour of the park, beginning with its opening in 1907 and told through archival film footage, historic photographs, home movies and first-hand accounts of those charmed by the carousel’s painted ponies and thrilled by the roller coasters’ wooden dips and climbs. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Everything you wanted to know about Hersheypark is documented here. An educational resource that I enjoyed. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.