KermisDeRupsbaan[Book: Henni Van Oers, Henri Wassenaar & Karel Loeff – 1998 – 15x21cm – 30 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The Caterpillar ride can still be found at various village fairs. It was invented in 1925 and is a true classic, and many fair-goers have stolen their first kiss under its cover. Selected Chapter Points: Ups and Downs; The Beginning Years; Success for Spillman; Premiere in the Netherlands; A Third Caterpillar Ride; Developments After 1945; The Kiss; The End of the American Caterpillar; Competition for Speed; The Original Caterpillar – Still Twisting; Design, Thematics and Names; Where do Caterpillars Travel?; The Ball; Manufacturers; Caterpillars Abroad; The Future…; Bibliography. (Dutch script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.