HangOnTight![Book: Jeremy Kennedy – 2016 – 20x26cm – 282 Pages – Many B&W photos and images]. “Like every automobile, appliance, or any other shelf-ready product, eventually technology will pull the coroner’s sheet over their existence in lieu of something touted as ‘better’. This same manifest has kept the amusement ride industry competitive and exciting since amusement rides became popular nearly a century ago. However, never have we seen a sweep in variety on the midway of both travelling carnivals and amusement parks as we witnessed from the 1950s through the 1980s as the second generation of amusement rides was defined by space travel, European interpretation, and empirical design. While sky-high parachute drops may be a gasp of the past, flat rides like Wave Swingers and Scramblers are still spinning strong day after day. ‘Hang on Tight! – A Retrospective Look at the 2nd Generation of Amusement Rides (1950s–1980s)’ takes a closer look at the popular, the mysterious, the forgotten, and even the prototypes of many of the generation’s most intriguing leisure and thrilling amusement installations. Coasters, kiddies, verticals, wheels, transports, splashers, flats, virtual rides, and even skyscrapers are all celebrated in this magnificent retrospective of press releases, theme park public relations materials, travel brochures, and ride manufacturer promotional profiles.” Chapter Points: Introduction – Making Tracks; Transports (monorails, cable cars, etc.); Splashers (water rides); Kiddies (junior rides); Skyscrapers (tower rides); Flats (spinning, swinging rides, etc.); Virtuality (dark rides, simulated rides, etc.); Roller Coasters; Verticals and Wheels; Appendix; Acknowledgements; Photo Credits; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.