DVD_GwynnOakPark[DVD: Spicer Pro, LLC – 1974 – 5 mins]. Gwynn Oak Park (Woodlawn, Maryland) sat adjacent to the Gwynn Falls; the park met its demise in 1972 during Hurricane Agnes. It lay abandoned for a time and was eventually levelled; leaving an open area that exists today. The abandoned park was filmed in 1974 with additional scenes recorded at Hershey Park (Hershey, Pennsylvania). Interior scenes of the Roto Jets, Butterfly and Big Dipper are from 1963. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This colour film juxtaposes delighted patrons at Hershey Park, with the ghostly remains of Gwynn Oak Park, including: Gwynn Oak Park from the air, midway attractions, Funcade, “Welcome to Gwynn Oak” signage, Cafeteria, Play Golf, Rifleman’s Range, Baltimore and Ohio train, and the Big Dipper roller coaster +on ride footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.