VHS_ConeyIslandCincinnati[VHS: Tim Young Productions – 1993 – 60 mins]. “Remember when… the summer air was filled with the rattle and roar of the Shooting Star and the Wildcat? Getting splashed in the Lost River? Dancing the night away in the Moonlite Gardens and long romantic cruises on the Island Queen? Fireworks over Lake Como? From its humble beginnings as a wooded picnic grove more than a century ago through its glorious heyday, demise and marvellous rebirth, Cincinnati’s Coney Island has captured the hearts of generations. Here is its story, filled with the sights and sounds of a simpler time – a story of summers filled with innocence, laughter, and joy. To the young at heart of all ages, to summers past and summers yet to come… Greetings from Coney Island.” ANDY SHINE SAYS: An interesting documentary that I would happily watch again. Features some good ride footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.