GreatPennsylvaniaRoadTrip[Book: David Witoslawski & Brittany Howe – 2013 – 19x26cm – 156 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “A Photographic Road Trip Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Historic Amusement Parks and Some Interesting Places.” This book focuses on those great memories and experiences you can only get in an amusement park. Our attention will be on Pennsylvania parks and rides that have pleased riders for generations, including some never rides in those parks. This book also features interviews with important people in the amusement park industry, together with interesting tidbits. Chapter Points: About the Authors; Thanks and Acknowledgements; Introduction; Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom; Dutch Wonderland; Hersheypark; Knoebel’s Grove Amusement Park; Delgrosso’s Amusement Park; Lakemont Park; Idlewild and Soak Zone; Kennywood Park; Conneaut Lake Park; Waldameer and Water World; Where to go from here… ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • Derek Sailors

    I love a great road trip and that is what this book is. I also love small town Americana. I also find Pennsylvania to be the greatest amusement park state in the country overall. The book is a road trip, starting in the east with Dorney Park and moves west visiting the parks of all sizes in the state. The book expresses great love and respect for history and restoration. Some great quotes are found from some important people in ride manufacturing as well as park owners. The book highlights the greatest rides within each park. In addition to that some extras are thrown in such as other things to do in the area around the parks being spotlighted. It is very easy to read and has a great flow to it. My only complaint was the poor quality photos. Those were mainly due to the publishing style and not the photographer. I rate this book 8/10.

  • Susan Gravle Werkheiser

    The book is a great history of the PA parks especially the old trolly parks. However, the author could/should invest in a thesaurus because there are many frequently repeated phrases (lovely, hilly, terrain) that could use alternate words to make the text more interesting to the reader. In addition, the photos are difficult to discern because black and white just does not do justice to a book that is supposed to be a photographic “road trip” through a beautiful state like PA.