VHS_GreatOldAmusementParks[VHS: PBS Home Video – 1999 – 60 mins]. In this delightful documentary you get to visit some of America’s most charming parks, from Lake Compounce in Connecticut to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California. A celebration of places like Whalom Park in Massachusetts and Oaks Park in Oregon, Pennsylvania’s idyllic Idlewild and Ohio’s spectacular Cedar Point. It’s a fun trip from Lakeside to Lakemont, a perfect summertime escape, an unabashedly affectionate look at some great old amusement parks. And, of course, there are coasters, including the Thunderbolt at Kennywood, the Cyclone at Astroland, the Raven at Holiday World, and San Diego’s Giant Dipper! (Also available on DVD with lots of exciting extras!). ANDY SHINE SAYS: I became totally engrossed in this wonderful programme. It is sure to appeal to all those with nostalgic inclinations, and to general amusement park and coaster enthusiasts. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.