DVD_GorillaAtLarge[DVD: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation – 1954 – 83 mins]. A shocking tale of deception, drama, and murder under the Big Top! When a brutal murder is uncovered at the Garden of Evil carnival, all fingers point to the main attraction – a savagely powerful ape with a volatile temper and capable of unspeakable violence. But when more murder victims are discovered on the premises, it soon becomes clear that everyone in the carnival is a suspect, and no one – man or beast – is safe! (features optional subtitles) [Disk 2: “Mystery on Monster Island” 1981/104 mins]. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Nu Pike Amusement Park (Long Beach, California) and its many rides feature from the outset. Extras include the theatrical trailer and image gallery. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.