DVD_Gorgo[DVD: VCI Entertainment – 1961 – 73 mins]. A salvage vessel is nearly sunk off the Irish coast by an undersea earthquake. A few nights later, a walking sea monster tangles with the fishing boats and enters the small town. Fishermen from England catch the “60 foot-tall deep-sea creature” and take it to London for Dorkins’ Circus and with great shock it is discovered that the creature (Gorgo) is only a baby. Gorgo’s mother who is drastically larger follows his trail to London leaving a wake of destruction in her path. Extras include: a behind-the-scenes mini documentary, photo gallery and original theatrical trailers. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This features scenes of Battersea Park and its rides, including John Collins’ Big Dipper. See an angry green eraser walk through and destroy – rather than navigate around – London’s landmarks. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.