[Book: Isaac H. Blanchard Co. – 2017 – 15x21cm – 32 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Glimpses of Coney Island – America’s Most Popular Pleasure Resort – Reproduced from Best and Latest Photographs (Copyright, 1904, By Isaac H. Blanchard Co.) Photographs include attractions and scenes: “Bird’s-Eye View of Coney Island”, “Johnstown Flood”, “Bowery Entrance To Steeplechase Park”, “Tilyou’s Walk”, “Prospect Candy Kitchen”, “Frankfurter Stand”, “Entrance To Luna Park”, “Tower And General View Of Luna Park”, “Flying Swings At Luna Park”, “Rifle Practice”, “Roller Coaster”, “Star Double Toboggan Racer”, “The Old Mill”, “Japanese Ball Game”, “Resurrection”, “View Of Dreamland From Chutes”, “Fighting The Flames At Dreamland”, “Airship At Dreamland”, “Fish Building And Haunted Swing At Dreamland”, “Midget Railway At Dreamland”, “The Tower At Dreamland”, “Camp’s Show”, “Scenic Musical Railway”, “The Galveston Flood”, and others… ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Poor / Fair.