FunAtTheOldCedarPoint[Book: Glenn D. Everett – 1989 – 15x23cm – 156 Pages – Few B&W photos]. A time machine takes us back to 1935 for a day at Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio). Chapter Points: A Voyage on the Old Paddle-Wheeler (G.A. Boeckling). Chute the Rapids, Shoot the Ducks, Leap the Dips. French Waffles, Frozen Custard, Salt Water Taffy. The Little Boy Rings the Bell and Wins a Big Cigar. Bluebeard’s Palace and the Chamber of Horrors. Round and Round We Go – Seaplanes, Joy Planes, The Bug and Caterpillar. A Trip Through the Black Forest and a Voyage on Noah’s Ark. The Pretty Girl Catches the Brass Ring. Tumbling Through the Fun House and Surviving the Cyclone. The Boardwalk, Bathhouse, Bathing Beach and Breakers. The Little Railroad That Could – and Did. The Peep Show, Freak Show, and Flea Circus. Straight from the Midway at the Chicago World’s Fair. The Sweet Sounds of the Big Bands. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.