RollerCoastersChandler[Book: Gil Chandler – 1995 – 16x22cm – 48 Pages – Many colour photos]. A charming little book to interest a teenage audience. Chapter Points: The First Drop; Steelies and Woodies (Coney Island’s “Cyclone,” Kennywood’s “Steel Phantom,” Kings Dominion’s “Avalanche,” Busch Gardens’ “Loch Ness Monster,” Elitch Gardens’ “Mr Twister,” Kings Island’s “King Cobra,” La Ronde’s “Le Monstre,” and Busch Gardens’ “Big Bad Wolf”). Rolling in a Coaster; Coaster History (Russian Ice Slides, The Golden Age, Disneyland, Steel Coasters). Building a Roller Coaster; Rolling into the Future (Virtual Reality); Useful addresses. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.