ThePlayfulCrowd[Book: Gary S. Cross & John K. Walton – 2005 – 18x22cm – 310 Pages – Few B&W photos]. “The Playful Crowd: Pleasure Places In The Twentieth Century.” Blackpool and Coney Island were the definitive playgrounds of the industrial working class. Teeming crowds partook of a gritty vulgarity that offered a variety of pleasures and thrills, from roller coaster rides to dance halls and dioramas of exotic locales. This publication explores the resorts’ very different fates as Coney Island is now a mere shadow of its former self while Blackpool continues to lure visitors and offer new attractions. Selected Chapter Points: Introduction; Coney Island and Blackpool about 1900; Industrial Saturnalia and the Playful Crowd; The Crowd and its Critics; Decline and Reinvention; The Disney Challenge; The Crowd Transformed? ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.