TheGreatAmericanAmusementParksRed[Book: Gary Kyriazi – 1976 First edition – 22x25cm – 256 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The amusement park had its origins in eighteenth-century France. It began as a bucolic gathering place where children might frolic, lovers discover each other, and families picnic and drink beer in a festive atmosphere. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, such gardens had proliferated all over the Continent and the British Isles. Gradually, rides and other attractions were added. In America picnic groves and beer gardens were popular in the early nineteenth century and blossomed into true amusement parks after 1860, when Coney Island emerged as the nation’s premier park. Chapter Points: Introduction; The Evolution of the Amusement Park; Coney Island; Steeplechase Park, Luna Park and Dreamland; The American Amusement Parks-East to West; Disneyland and the Theme Parks; America’s Top 100 Parks; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.

  • Derek Sailors

    This is another one of those books I have to break into two ratings. This is a 1976 book being read in 2014. If I was reading it in the mid 1970’s I would rate it a very high 9/10 due to the great job on the history of roller coaster and the many photos and useful park information. Having read it in 2014 with so much of the book outdated, other than the history, I give it a 6/10. After averaging them out my final rating comes in at 7.5/10. Still a good rating for sure.