Falling[Book: Garrett Soden – 2003 – 16x22cm – 344 Pages]. Anyone who has gone over the crest of a roller coaster should wonder why that terror is so much fun. Read the astonishing story of how taking a fall has evolved from an experience that the ancients used as a metaphor for damnation to one so prized that today millions crave its intense rush. Discover why some people love falling, while others hate it (blame it on our genes). Selected Chapter Points: Introduction (Birth of the Bungee Jump); The Gravity Century; Terrified Imagination; Troubles in the Theatres of Gravity; Fall of the Noble Daredevil; Got Air?; Falling for All; Sensation Seekers; The Metaphor of Falling; Falling Today and Tomorrow; Acknowledgments; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.