DVD_FrontierVillageWesternWonderment[DVD: Theme Parkology – 2009 – 65 mins]. (1 of 3). Opened 4 November 1961, Frontier Village (San Jose, California) became a family fun western wonderment of entertainment that was filled with exciting rides. But the park met its demise 28 September 1980. Features contributions from the park’s owners and former employees. The rides are documented too, including: Frontier Village Railroad; Antique Auto; Lost Frontier Mine Ride; El Sito Mysterio; Hunters’ Paradise; Old 99; Spirit of Kitty Hawk; Duster-Turnpike; Tarantula; Apache Whirlwind. See costumed characters: Kactus Kong; Tumbleweed and Theodore. Closes with the Frontier Village song. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A wonderful documentary. I enjoyed the many tales. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.