DVD_KirmesTotal1[DVD: Lars Müller Videoproduktionen – 2004 – 208 mins]. (1 of 2) Presenting the various rides and attractions of the German fair circuit: [Disk 1 / 96 mins]: Airwolf; Big Monster (Polyp); Break Dancer #2; Dom Dancer; Flic=Flac; Fun Street (Funhouse); Geister Schlange (Ghost train); Olympia Looping; Phaenomenon (3-D Cyber Show); Picture Shuttle (Drive-thru movie ride); Pirates’ Adventure (Walk-through). Airwolf (Bonus footage); Geister Tempel (Ghost train). [Disk 2 / 112 mins]: Power Tower 2; Ranger; Star World (Spinning coaster); Take Off; Techno Power; Tropicana; Build-Up (Slideshow); Shaker; Top Spin; Action (Musik Express); Closing Credits. ANDY SHINE SAYS: I rather enjoyed watching this. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.