DVD_FreizeitparksInDeutschland3[DVD: Karlheinz Geiger – 2012 – 45 mins]. (3 of 4) A film about Germany’s fun parks: 1=Introduction [2:10]. 2=Fort Fun Abenteuerland: (miniature railroad, log flume, corkscrew coaster, toboggan slide, land train) [6:10]. 3=Tierfreiheit: (Else Hoffmann-Park owner, animals) [7:03]. 4=Churpfalz Park: (animatronics figures, cycle monorail, manually-operated attractions, etc.) [4:30]. 5=Ibbenbüren: (animatronics displays, miniature railroad, toboggan slide, etc.) [4:45]. 6=Panorama Park: (mine train coaster, manually-operated attractions, shows, alpine slide POV, land train, etc.) [13:00]. 7=Tolk Schau: (butterfly coaster, nautic jet, miniature railroad, animals) [7:00]. German narration. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This programme was originally released on VHS in 1992, and it shows the parks as they appeared around that time. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.