100JahreAchterbahn[Book: Frank Lanfer – 1998 – 21x30cm – 100 Pages – Many B&W photos, diagrams and schematics]. “100 Years of Roller Coasters:” from European ice slides to today’s ultra-modern masterpieces; featuring photographs, ride schematics and plans, many not seen in print until now. Chapter Points: Preface; Slides (Rutschbahnen); Developments in America; Figure-8-Tracks; Mountain Railways in America; Mountain Railways in Europe; European Developments; Steel Roller Coasters; Modern Wooden Roller Coasters; Bobsled Runs; Wild Water Rides; Freefalls; Looping Roller Coasters; Modern Looping Roller Coasters; Modern Designs for Looping Coasters; The New Generation – 21st Century Coasters; What Persuaded the People?; Construction Plans; Footnotes; Source Directory; Thank you. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Björn Brändli

    A great German book focusing on the history and developement of roller coasters over the last 100 year. Including several photos and interesting schematics.
    It might not be as good as the “famous” book: “Roller Coaster: Der Achterbahndesigner Werner Stengel”, but it’s still one of the best books I know and highly recommended!