Volksbelustigungen[Book: Florian Dering – 1986 – 25x31cm – 248 Pages – Many B&W and colour images]. The history of popular amusements in public spaces: the fairground, festivals and showmanship. Selected Chapter Points: About this book; Public entertainment in public places – an overview; Early forms of merriment; Firms and manufacturers; The rides at the close of the 19th century: Ferris wheels, carousels, rocking and swinging rides – the haunted swing, roller coasters, autoskooters and other self-controlled rides, ghost trains and other indoor themed attractions, more rides. The amusement business; The Carousel King – Hugo Haase; Fairground art and design: facades, polyester mouldings, illumination, etc. Appendix. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.