FD097[Magazine: March 2014. 21x30cm – 68 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Club Corner – members have their say +ECC Benelux is launched. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood’s 2013 travels). Parks of the United Arab Emirates (a travel guide to: Wonderland, Al Nasr Leisureland, Sega Republic, Wild Wadi, Global Village, Antic’s Land, Adventureland, Jungle Bungle, Saqr Public Park, Fun City, Hili Fun Centre, Sparky’s Khalidiyah Mall, Sparky’s Mazyad Mall, and Ferrari World). “Ring°Racer” reports. Brazilian Party Buffets: small coasters of Funny Days, Cakky Balaco, Spazio Arcobaleno, and Spasso Splash. North Korea revisited: Taesongsan Funfair, Mangyongdae Funfair, Kaeson Youth Park, and Rungna Islet People’s Pleasure Grounds. Reports: Adventure World’s (Australia) “Abyss,” Fujikyu Highland’s (Japan) “Moonsault Scramble” remembered, China Dinosaurs Park (China) “Dinoconda,” The new trains on Nagashima Spaland’s (Japan) “Steel Dragon 2000,” and Sun Park’s (China) “Crazy Skateboard”. 24 pages of worldwide news +IAAPA 2013, woodie planned for Ireland’s Tayto Park, Liseberg’s “Helix” latest, etc. Club merchandise page. [visit ECC]

  • Tim West

    Ahh Moonsault Scramble…if there were a messed up looking shuttle coaster, that would be it.