FD100[Magazine: May 2016. 21x30cm – 200 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Club merchandise page. Club Corner +Chairman’s column, ECC Benelux column, trips’ news, members’ remarks, members’ ton ups +George Greenway rides his 2,600th coaster! Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood reflects on his involvement with the Club). De Waarbeek’s “Rodelbaan” is the world’s oldest steel coaster +review. Virtual Reality Coasters (a 5-page feature). The Genetics of Roller Coasters (is coaster enthusiasm in your genes?). Margate’s Dreamland (14 pages: a history +how Dreamland and the Scenic Railway were saved). The Coasters of Myanmar and Cambodia (6 pages). The Coasters of Caucasus and Iran (10 pages). The Coasters of Pasto, Colombia (2 pages). The making of Dollywood’s “Mystery Mine” (a 6-page feature). Lang Wheels of Hillingdon in Middlesex (2 pages). Parque Interama (12 pages: the rise and fall of Argentina’s amusement park). Portrait of the Enthusiast (why are Club members so passionate?). Romon U-Park (4 pages about China’s new park). The making of Quassy’s “Wooden Warrior” (a 6-page feature). Growing Up in a Theme Park (4 pages: Europa-Park’s Michael Mack tells all). Ai Pioppi (4 pages about the Italian park and its unique rides). Vekoma – Space Warp (a 2-page insight). Action Park (4 pages about the former New Jersey park and its rides). B&M 100 (a 12-page feature showcasing all 100 Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters). Ride reports and reviews: Efteling’s “Baron 1898”, Lagoon’s “Cannibal”, Six Flags Mexico’s “Medusa Steel Coaster”, Buwalda’s travelling “XXL Spinning Coaster”, ZDT’s “Switchback” (6 pages +Donny Donhauser interview), Cavallino Matto’s “Freestyle” (4 pages +TOGO feature), Holiday World’s “Thunderbird”, Suzuka Circuit’s “Adventure Drive”, Knoebels’ “Impulse”, Nagashima Spaland’s “Acrobat”, Carowinds’ “Fury 325”, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Twisted Colossus”, Gardaland’s “Oblivion – The Black Hole”, PowerPark’s “Junker”, Six Flags New England’s “Wicked Cyclone”, and Adventureland’s “Turbulence”. Tayto Park’s “Cú Chulainn” reviews +an interview with general manager Charles Coyle (a 20-page feature). [visit ECC]