FairgroundArt[Book: Geoff Weedon and Richard Ward – 1981 (this edition 2005) – 23x28cm – 316 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. The Art Forms of Travelling Fairs, Carousels and Carnival Midways. Chapter Points: Preface; PART 1 – THE AGE OF STEAM: The Fairground Revolution; The English Gallopers; C.J. Spooner, Burton-On-Trent; Anderson’s of Bristol; The German Karussell; The Carousel in France and Belgium; The American Carousel – Coney Island Style; Dentzel and The Philadelphia Style; The Philadelphia Toboggan Company; Country Fair Style; C.W. Parker of Kansas; Carousel Chariots and Americana; Fantastic Creatures. PART 2 – FAIRGROUND BAROQUE: Show-Cloths and Showfronts; Early American Showfronts; The European Salon Carousel; The Circular Switchback; The Travelling Scenic Railway. PART 3 – THE MODERN MOVEMENT: Fast Rides and Futuristic Designers; The English Round Stall. PART 4 – THE FIGURATIVE TRADITION: Targets, Shies and Shooting Galleries; Painted Banners; Humour and Figurative Artists; Sex and Horror; Heroes and Heroines. Appendix 1 – M.C. Illions & Sons Painting Techniques. Appendix 2 – List of Sources/Original Source Material. Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.