DVD_ExtremeRollercoasters[DVD: Madacy Entertainment Group, Inc. – 2003 – 120 mins]. This engrossing and highly entertaining documentary features the highest, fastest, newest and most cutting-edge coasters. This is an exciting adventure into coaster mania. Come behind the scenes and ride the Incomparable X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Also featuring: Goliath; Colossus; Medusa; Invertigo; Vertical Velocity; Ninja; Speed – The Ride; Manhattan Express; Déjà Vu; Batman; Giant Dipper; Desperado; Canyon Blaster; Stealth; Top Gun; California Screamin’; Superman – The Escape; Riddler’s Revenge; Quicksilver Express. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Discloses many interesting facts and figures concerning your favourite coasters. Meet designers at the workstation, and see the testing of X in the factory. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.