DVD_Europa-ParkArthur[DVD: Mack Media – 2014 – 53 mins]. “On this DVD you will find film material about the most elaborate indoor attraction in the history of Europa-Park (Rust, Germany), “Arthur – In the Minimoys Kingdom.” As well as video blogs, TV spots and news items, our own exclusive “making of…”, informs you all about the construction of this new world of adventure during the project’s four-year preparation period.” Chapter Points: Making of… (23 mins); Video Blogs (April 2013, June 2013, July 2013, November 2013, March 2014, July 2014); Luc Besson besucht ARTHUR – Im Königreich der Minimois; TV Spot; Making of TV Spot; First Teaser 2013; Ride-animation Mack Rides; ARTHUR song “Glasperlenspiel – Folge mir”. [Select German, French or English narration]. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A great insight into the making of a new ride from concept to completion. I was surprised to discover that the six ‘Video Blogs’ and the ‘Luc Besson’ chapters are available in German and French, but are NOT available in English. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.