TheRockawaysIoA[Book: Emil R. Lucev Sr – 2007 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The Rockaway Peninsula, also known as the Rockaways, is located off Long Island, within the borough of Queens (New York). Its remoteness from Manhattan has made it a popular retreat and has provided an out-of-the-way area for families looking to locate and live by the sea. The Rockaways became a popular area for seaside hotels beginning in the 1830s, and its popularity grew… The Rockaways was also the home of Rockaways’ Playland, a world renowned amusement park from 1901 to 1985. Through vintage postcards, The Rockaways captures the history of this seaside community across ten chapters. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.