EftelingAreWeThereYet[Book: Efteling – 2012 – 28x28cm – 212 Pages – Full colour – English language version]. “60 years in words and images. With this book in hand, you can virtually hear yourself saying, ‘Are we there yet?’ The joy and excitement that a visit to Efteling brings may be experienced again within these pages. Relive the fairytales and adventure, excitement and wonder. This unique publication is packed with beautiful photos, original drawings of past and present attractions enhanced by anecdotes and facts. Each page imparts a little gift. Sometimes literally, in the form of stickers, photos, postcards, posters, a puzzle to original design by Anton Pieck and much more. The best part of 60 years of Efteling presented for the young, and the young at heart.” Chapter Points: Foreword; And so it came to pass (how it all began on Kaatsheuvel’s Europalaan); A long, long time ago… (the Fairytale Forest); Sailing, floating, riding, walking, climbing and puffing (transportation); Tea, treats and magic water (food and drink); From slides to roller coasters (the Python, the Piraña, Joris en de Draak / George and the Dragon and other thrill rides); Nature takes pride of place; Water guide; A world within a world (dark rides); Carousels; The world of Efteling; Efteling is always with you (souvenirs); Stars shine at Efteling (characters and shows); From doves to dragons (the creatures at Efteling); Songs, films, commercials and promotions for attractions; The world of wonders at home; Epilogue. [Also available in Dutch]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.