TheStoryOfAustralianRollerCoasters[Book: Edwin Dickinson – 2012 – 21x30cm – 184 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “The Story of Australian Roller Coasters: 127 Years of Madness, Sadness & Scintillating Thrills!” Chapter Points: Introduction; Let the good times roll!; Catherine’s great pleasure; European adventures; La Marcus Adna Thompson – was he really the first?; John A. Miller – the legend; Timeless masterpieces; Australia’s first – ‘has not killed anyone yet’; Harrison’s Switchback; Across the ditch; Shoot-the-chutes; Our Figure Eights – try and figure them out!; William’s Wonderland City; The Scenic Railway, the J.D. Williams Way; Mr T.H. Eslick – a man who gets the job done; Sydney turns white; John’s gift to Australia – the Big Dippers; Edmund Anscombe – the cool-headed architect; The Glenelg Big Dipper; Sydney’s Big Dipper and a review of the Phoenix coaster; A tribute to the Royal Far West organisation; Ted Hopkins – a giver, not a taker; Morgan’s Cyclone; The Devil’s Coach; Lets’ get wild; Coasters of steel; The Orphan Rocker; Sydney’s steel Big Dipper; A new and broken promise; Werner Stengel…; Today’s ‘big boys’ fight it out…; In Conclusion; Glossary; A Timeline; References. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.