GoodOldConeyIsland[Book: Edo McCullough – 1957 – 16x24cm – 346 Pages – A few B&W photos and images]. “A Sentimental Journey Into The Past.” Coney Island (New York) is more than a national institution, it was probably the most celebrated amusement resort in the world. This book by a man whose family have helped to build the Island’s fantastic reputation presents its lively and nostalgic history. Touched with sentiment, occasionally with acid, it is frank, outspoken, sometimes biting, but always imbued with humour. Chapter Points: A Prefatory Note; The Most; Rambunctious; Scandalous; Rapscallion; Splendiferous; Pugnacious; Spectacular; Illustrious; Prodigious; Frolicsome; –Island on Earth; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.