DVD_EuropeanCoasterThrills[DVD: ECV Project – 2003 – 90 mins]. Discover 15 outstanding European coasters. Whether they’re wooden, looping or water coasters, we’ll take you closer to the action than you could possibly imagine. Features: Colossos (Heide Park); Superman – The Ride (Six Flags Holland); Wild Wild West (Warner Bros. Movie World); Eurostar (German Fair); Colorado Adventure (Phantasialand); Weerwolf/Loup Garou (Six Flags Belgium); Tonnerre De Zeus (Parc Astérix); G’sengte Sau (Tripsdrill); Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park); Poseidon (Europa-Park); Blue Tornado (Gardaland); Katun (Mirabilandia); Thriller (German Fair); Goliath (Six Flags Holland); Silver Star (Europa-Park), and a hidden bonus feature! ANDY SHINE SAYS: Breathtaking footage and informative narration. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.