FD086[Magazine: January 2010. 21x30cm – 56 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Club Corner. Reports (including- Miragica – a new park in Italy, Carolina Cobra, Happy Valley Shanghai including coverage of Fireball, Tornado the Intamin spinning coaster at Bakken, Xenox the Interpark travelling looping roller coaster in Switzerland, Fluch Von Novgorod the Gerstlauer launched coaster at Hansa Park, Diamondback the B&M hyper coaster at Kings Island, Mumbo Jumbo the S&S El Loco at Flamingo Land, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World – an older ride but a very interesting one, Manta the B&M Flying Coaster at SeaWorld in Orlando, Terminator Salvation the Great Coasters International Inc. (GCII) wooden coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Saw – the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter at Thorpe Park). Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses the recent Club trip to Italy). On Track / worldwide news including IAAPA 2009, etc. Club merchandise page. [visit ECC]