FD084[Magazine: December 2008. 21x30cm – 40 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Club Corner +the start of a series looking at odd rides from around the world. Also covered is an abandoned coaster in the US. Taiwan trip report (including- Leofoo Village, Window on China, Farglory Ocean Park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Discovery World, and Janfusun Fancyworld). Dreamland Margate update “I Dream of Dreamland” event. El Toro ride report. New for 2009. Lauri Vartiainen lets us know how the second year went for his park – Nokkakiven Puisto. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood talks about roller coasters no longer with us: “Dips” [Buckroe Beach Park, Virginia], “Speedway” [Eldridge Park, New York], “Big Beast” and “Wild Mouse” [Edgewater Park, Michigan]). The Intamin Jet Ski coaster at SeaWorld in Australia. On Track news (including- a new ‘energy free’ coaster in the Netherlands, Battlestar Galactica construction at the Sentosa Resort, A potential B&M coming to France, Fireball in China test runs, Quassy woodie given the go-ahead, two coasters at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, etc.). Club merchandise page. [visit ECC]