FD078[Magazine: June 2007. 21x30cm – 48 Pages – Many B&W photos, 24 colour pages]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. On Track worldwide news. Ride report on Formule X at Drievliet. Ride report on Uppswinget at Liseberg. Update on the Dreamland Margate project including news of several of Pleasureland Southport’s rides being saved. Ride reports: (including- Renegade at Valleyfair!, Furius Baco at PortAventura, Troy at Toverland, Maverick at Cedar Point, Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe, Kvasten at Gröna Lund, Talocan (Huss Top Spin) at Phantasialand and River Splash – the ABC rapids ride at the Prater). Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses on-board sound and music systems). Club Corner – members have their say. Construction updates (including- Flying Turns, Galaxy Orbiter and the Boardwalk Bullet). Ride report about Desert Race (the copy of Alton Towers’ Rita is now operating at Heide Park in Germany). [visit ECC]