FD075[Magazine: September 2006. 21x30cm – 48 Pages – Few B&W photos, 12 colour pages]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses why so many new roller coasters lose their shine). On Track worldwide news. Japan’s Eejanaika – the second 4th Dimension coaster. Reports and members’ opinions concerning the dramatic and sudden closure of Southport’s Pleasureland in England. A first ride on Gerstlauer’s new Euro-Fighter coaster at their German factory. Goliath at La Ronde in Canada reports. A feature on Megafobia’s 10th birthday celebrations. Black Mamba at Phantasialand in Germany. A report on El Toro the first Intamin prefabricated wooden coaster in the US. A trip to Mexico City and the three parks found there (Six Flags Mexico, La Feria Chapultepec Magico, and Perimágico). Club Corner. New in 2007 including Dollywood’s Mystery Mine, Cedar Point’s Maverick, Knoebels’ Flying Turns, Valleyfair!’s Renegade and Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon. [visit ECC]