FD068[Magazine: December 2004. 21x30cm – 48 Pages – Many B&W photos, 12 colour pages]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Merchandise page. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Brian “Dolly” Robinson remembered. S&S’s new Screamin’ Swing at Knott’s Berry Farm. On Track worldwide news. Halloween feature covering parks and events in the UK. 16-page feature on 100 years of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC) – looking back at their illustrious history including an extensive list of all their coasters. Knott’s Berry Farm’s Silver Bullet report. Construction report from Cypress Gardens in Florida. A tale of a 1,500 mile trek to ride one coaster – the Edmonton Mall’s Mindbender. IAAPA 2004 report including news relating to some interesting new rides. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood takes a long, hard look at Six Flags). Club Corner – members have their say. Tsunami / S&S’s new wooden coaster at Clementon Lake Park. [visit ECC]