FD059[Magazine: June 2002. 21x30cm – 52 Pages – Many B&W photos, 12 colour pages]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Merchandise page. Chessington World of Adventures’ Vampire +new trains. On Track / worldwide news including Storm City a new leisure complex proposed for Blackpool. Europa-Park’s Silver Star report. Colossus / Thorpe Park’s world record ten looper debuts. Walt Disney Studios Paris opens its doors. Exclusive report from Oakwood detailing Hydro’s pull-through test. Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid opens. Six Flags Over Georgia’s Superman opens. Alton Towers’ Air debuts – but was it worthy of the hype? Six Flags Holland’s Goliath. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood looks back at some of his old favourites). Cedar Point’s Wicked Twister opens. Book review Dale Samuelson’s “The American Amusement Park”. Club Corner +members have their say. Six Flags New England’s B&M floorless Batman: The Dark Knight. [Includes an insert showcasing various roller coaster-related books and VHSs available to purchase]. [visit ECC]