FD032[Magazine: December 1996. 21x30cm – 40 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Megafobia and naked riding at Oakwood. On Track / worldwide news including Southend’s new woodie! Stampida and Tomahawk construction at Port Aventura +John Wardley’s photos. Manhattan Express and Fujiyama are Togo’s new coasters. IAAPA ’96 is the Greatest Show on Earth. Indiana Jones’ Adventure / Jean-Marc Toussaint interviews Imagineer Tony Baxter. Fantasy Island report +Millennium Coaster announced. Liseberg profile. Park Remarks. Thunder Looper’s last day at Alton Towers +a eulogy. Parc Astérix update. Extremely “Extreme” a spin ride report. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses his 1996 coaster season – part 1). Superman The Escape – but how super is it? Freefall rides – are they all the same? +Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Space Shot announced. [visit ECC]