FD031[Magazine: September 1996. 21x30cm – 40 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Credits. Editorial. Blackpool South Pier’s new sky coaster. Movieworld Germany +Lethal Weapon. X:\No Way Out at Thorpe Park +ride reports. Tonnerre De Zeus’ first pictures and layout diagrams from Parc Astérix. Park Remarks / Welsh parks. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood shares his opinions on UK parks). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s centenary celebrations (including- Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s history: Sir Hiram Maxim 1840-1916, Grand National’s construction, Funhouse, Virginia Reel, Noah’s Ark, two new Blackpool Pleasure Beach books (“A Century of Fun” and “100 Years of Fun” by Peter Bennett) +the 100 hours Big Dipper marathon). Alpengeist at Busch Gardens. The Great White at Wildwood. Outer Limits at Kings Dominion. Report on the re-opening of Dreamland in Margate. New UK coaster book “Roller Coasters – Shake Rattle and Roll!” by Robert Preedy. Heide Park profile. On Track worldwide news including a picture of the new Japanese mega-coaster, Fujiyama! [visit ECC]