FD024[Magazine: June 1994. 21x30cm – 36 Pages – Colour cover / Many B&W photos]. Colour Special. Chapter Points: “Vertical Reality” – the Pepsi Max Big One. Blackpool Bash ’94 and Pepsi Max Big One event members’ reports. How they did it – the Pepsi Max Big One. Head-to-head with Geoffrey Thompson (interview). A Serpent is reborn with Serpiente de Fuego at Chapultepec Park. Jean-Marc at the Parc and European coastering. Feel like Hurling with Carowinds’ Hurler? A day at the fair (German kirmes). Come for a spin on Magic Mountain’s coaster. The Bruch family. A looping delight – Schwarzkopf’s Thriller. Loopathon Weekend at Alton Towers reports. Gulliver’s woodie is back on. “Project Sting” as Flambards’ Hornet is announced. Survey results ’93/’94 members’ poll results. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses roller coaster names). “King of the Coaster” Richard Rodriguez’s Blackpool Pleasure Beach Big Dipper marathon. On Track / worldwide news. Raptor hatches at Cedar Point. Back issues. [visit ECC]