FD023[Magazine: April 1994. 21x30cm – 28 Pages – Many B&W photos]. U.S. Trip Special. Chapter Points: How we got there. Coaster plates / vehicle number plates. When we got there. The coaster Peter forgot (Peter Andrews’ amnesia). Worth the wait? – Six Flags Great Adventure’s Batman, Great American Scream Machine and Dorney Park’s Hercules. Knoebels’ gem. U.S remark. Ode to ride / 2 poems. So wadda ya say? / members’ trip reports. Parks thank the Club. …And finally… (more thanks). The Comet returns as The Great Escape reconstructs Crystal Beach’s former coaster. The Pepsi Max Big One update. Shockwave ride reports. Raptor ready to strike at Cedar Point. Horwood Coastering (Michael Horwood discusses seasonal riding and remembrances). Nemesis ride reports. Park Remarks. Wanted / items sought. On Track / worldwide news. Back issues. Outro. Credits. [includes a ‘First Drop Top Up’ insert]. [visit ECC]