FD018[Magazine: December 1992. 21x30cm – 20 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A brand new woodie for Britain at Gulliver’s World. 1994 is The Year of the Coaster. Archives – the Somersault Railway at Eastham in 1908. Coasting under cover / indoor coasters report. Blackpool Bash ’92. The Coney Island Cyclone 1927-1992…; Space City – the shape of things to come? / proposed theme park for Manchester, England. Project ’94 update / Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s record breaker. We dooooooooooooo – roller coaster marriage. Belle Vue Manchester books and publications. Jean-Marc at the Parc – a Euro Disney report. A man’s best friend is his Mouse! (David Pickstone’s Wild Mouse). Orphan Rocker is the king of the Australian Outback. Model builders and coaster models. Park reports. Park Remark. Re-launch the Comet / Crystal Beach’s Comet to live again? My Top Five by Jim Futrell. The Ultimate Ultimate. Lightwater Valley 1992. On Track / worldwide news. Back issues are available. Outro. Credits. [visit ECC]