DVD_EKirmes[DVD: KM Productions – 2003 – 135 mins]. (1 of 6). Coasters: Olympia Looping; Euro Star; Alpina Bahn; Spinning Racer; Wilde Maus; Double Wilde Maus; Die Wilden 50er; Super Railway; Euro Coaster; Spinning Coaster; Dreier Looping. Rides: (Huss) Booster; Magic; Breakdance 2, 1 & 3; Shot ‘n Drop; Power Tower #2; Freifall Turm; Ikarus; Drop Zone; Nightfly; Rollover; Top Spin (Fresh); Jumping; Alpha 1; Mondlift; Take Off; Jolly Joker; Playball; Shake and Roll; Frisbee; Projekt 1; Space Party; Experience; Tango; Move It 32; Star Gate; Vortex; Techno Power; Flic=Flac; Air Maxx; Flying Circus; Ranger; Millenium; Joker; Adrenalin Pur; (Fabbri) Booster; Bayernkurve; Hexentanz; Happy Monster; Polyp; Top Spin 2; Colorado; Wildwasser 3; Twister; Musik Express; Happy Sailor; Tai Fun; Disco Star; Fliegender Teppich; Ramba Zamba; Wellenflug; Galactica; Sky Rider; Hot Shot; Jump Street; Nessy; Joker; Big Ben Tower. +1,000 ride photos! ANDY SHINE SAYS: Wonderful! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.