SpringlakeAmusementParkIoA[Book: Douglas Loudenback – 2008 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. With beginnings in 1922 through to the park’s closing in 1981, Springlake (Oklahoma City) came to be Oklahoma’s premier place for fun for everyone around the state during its almost six-decade longevity. For all its goodness Springlake was flawed, remaining segregated longer than many other businesses during the tumultuous civil rights era. Forced to integrate by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Springlake adapted poorly – instead of opening its huge pool to all swimmers and sunbathers, the pool became an aquarium. Racial tensions culminated Easter 1971 with a small but important racially based riot from which the park never fully recovered. Chapter Points: Foreword; Introduction; Overlooking the Park; The Early Years; The Middle Years; The Heyday Years; A Failed Solution; The Last Years. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • Derek Sailors

    Another solid amusement park related book from Arcadia. Although not a perfect 10 this book is a good one which provides the right amount of history along with a good blend of photos showing us all aspects of the park from the pool, to the flat rides, to the famous Big Dipper. I loved the aerial photos as the book has a few of those as well. Well worth adding to your collection. I give it a 7.5/10.