ScaryDarkRidesBlack[Book: Doug Higley – 2007 – 15x23cm – 104 Pages – Many B&W images and photos]. The first book of its kind to be published on the subject of dark rides! From the carnival midways to Disneyland, 100 years of spooks, fantasy and adventure… the book that turns the lights on. Scary Dark Rides is the story of the dark ride from the inside out! It is not a where-to list of rides but is a why-to and gets inside the rides and why we love them! Read at your own risk and watch for a few surprises along the way! Chapter Points: Don’t Be Afraid – It’s Only A Book; Foreword (by Bobby Reynolds); Scary Dark Rides; Beyond The Crash Doors…; Enter The Road Warriors…; So… You Want To Get REALLY Scared?; Paradise (Tossed…); The ‘50s Exposed; The Big Guns; The Artful Dread; No Time For Popcorn…; A Garage Mentality…; This Way To The Egress…; A Few Reviews. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.