RockyPointARhodeIslandTreasure[Book: Donald W. Wyatt – 1997 – 20x27cm – 78 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Rocky Point Amusement Park offered recreation, entertainment and rest for city dwellers from all parts of New England. Things were not always easy for the park: natural disasters, economic downturns, new competition and changing tastes forced the facility to close several times in its history and finally to declare bankruptcy on 17 July 1997. Chapter Points: Rocky Point – Part of Rhode Island History; The Rocky Point Saga; Rocky Point and the First Presidential Phone Call; The Visit of President Bush; The Great Fire of 1883; The Bankruptcy Drama; Mr Rocky Point; A Photograph Spurs Memories; Rocky Point Was Rhode Island’s Own Disneyland; Where Else Would I See A Water Spout? ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.