Dodgems[Book: Kay Townsend – 2014 – 17x24cm – 152 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. The dodgems have been with us for over 80 years, but where did they come from, who made them, and what makes them stop and what makes them go? With no indicating or gear change, you can just let yourself go! It is one of the few rides that you are in control of and that’s what you love. Here is the story of “The Dodgems.” Chapter Points: America (the beginning +James Adair, Theophilus Van Kennel, Chester Manzer, Max and Harold Stoehrer, John Stock and Henry Smoot, Corniel Brilstra, Henry E. Riehl, Aurel E. Vaszin, Lusse, Victor Baudette, Fred L. Markey); “Look Out,” Here Comes Europe! (+Reverchon, Ihle Brothers, Soli); How They Are Powered; British Manufacturing (+Orton & Spooner, Lakin, Supercar, Rytecraft, Lang Wheels); Individual Family Stories; Dodgem Transport; Don’t Be Confused With Speedways; Stories From The Top; Photo Gallery. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.