DVD_DisneylandHomeMovies2[DVD: Extinct-Attractions-Club.com – 2004 – 49 mins]. (2 of 4 / two programmes on one DVD). Programme 1: “Disneyland” (22 mins), see rare souvenir 8mm films from Disneyland in California. This volume features more priceless film footage taken during the park’s golden era. Programme 2: “Disney World” (27 mins), see promotional film showcasing Disney World in Florida. This programme also features the resort’s hotels, dining, and the classic rides and attractions – past and present. ANDY SHINE SAYS: I enjoyed watching these colour programmes capturing both parks’ rides and attractions – on-ride and off-ride – from decades past. This collection features rare Disney audio tracks dubbed-in, to enhance the silent footage. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.