DVD_DisneyParksCruiseLine[DVD: Lightship Entertainment, Inc. – 2010 – 49 mins +extras]. Disk 5 of a six disk box set promising ‘The Secrets, Stories, and Magic Behind the Scenes.’ “Ahoy mates! What would happen if Walt Disney World set sail? It would be exactly like the Disney Cruise Line! When Disney launched its first ship in 1998, ‘The Disney Magic,’ it was unlike any other – painted black to mimic classic ships from the age of cruising, and decked out like only Disney could. Disney bought an island in the Bahamas to serve as a destination for cruise guests only, and Disney built a pier so the ship could park right next to the beach! Once on the island you’ll get a hands-on stingray encounter and experience an actual pirate ship from “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Disney Cruise Line reveals the latest chapter in the evolution of these amazing ships, highlighting new venues, new entertainment, new activities, and new accommodations that guests will find when they board Disney’s regal ocean liners…” ANDY SHINE SAYS: This is an interesting, self-promotional programme. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.