DVD_DisneyParksAnimalKingdom[DVD: Lightship Entertainment, Inc. – 2010 – 41 mins]. Disk 4 of a six disk box set promising ‘The Secrets, Stories, and Magic Behind the Scenes.’ “Go behind-the-scenes for a tour of Disney’s most ambitious theme park to date in Orlando. Explore the process of designing and creating this amazing park with incredible footage of its creation. It reveals the unique ways that Disney incorporated live animals into the attractions in very close proximity to the guests, seemingly without any barriers. Uncover how Disney created authentic animal habitats that allow visitors to experience an African safari or an Asian jungle trek. Also see how the animals are cared for. Explore the design, creation and the experience of the ultimate adventure attraction, ‘Expedition Everest.’ Then journey back in time on Disney’s dark ride, ‘Dinosaur’ as you race to escape a catastrophic meteor shower. Also, meet thousands of bugs in ‘It’s Tough to Be A Bug,’ a four dimensional theatrical experience inside the Tree of Life…” ANDY SHINE SAYS: Disney enthusing about their latest projects. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.